The Retail Industry Social Selling Platform

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A solution to position your sales associates in front of the online consumers.

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social sellers

A Social Selling tool to inspire and drive sales from the palm of their hand.

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Deepen relationships via convenient and personalized digital engagement.

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For Sales Associates

A Mobile Turn-Key Business | Commission for Online Sales | Your Social Influence

Sales associates no longer have to wait for customers to come to them. With Replika, you can be inspiring sales anytime/ anywhere! Simply shop your brand's website to curate a cart with a trackable link and use it to generate social media posts, email & text customers, or chat online. Now sales associates are connected to online sales too! 


For Brands & Retailers

Your Brand | Your Story | Your People | Your Website | Your Marketing

A comprehensive sales management portal

Track sales associates activities online

Monitor Conversion rates

Create and Distribute content

Chat feature connected to your sales associates

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For Brand Ambassadors

Your Network | An authentic brand experience| The simple solution to connect your reach to revenues

Brand Ambassadors using Replika can be given access to the brand's entire  online assortment where they can create authentic, trackable posts for their network of followers. With Replika, Influencers can choose any number of items to promote in a single post and even use their own pictures or videos to make the posts more engaging. When the ambassador's inspiration becomes an online transaction, Replika tracks all the details for attribution purposes.

People respond to recommendations from people they know  & everyone has a network.  Click below to see how Replika helps build Ambassador networks.