What You Need To Know About Changing Luxury Consumer Trends For 2019 (Forbes)

Mega brands are seeing the potential and building relationships with a very limited number of exclusive influencers often through simple, effective apps such as Replika Software and others that connect to a brand’s website. 

Luxury Institute’s 2019 Luxury Trends From The Global Luxury Expert Network (GLEN)

6. The local luxury consumer-to-consumer sales channel takes off

Most luxury goods and services brands think of their distribution channel options as comprised of three choices. They can go the wholesale/third party approach, develop their own retail/sale force channel, or they can sell via e-commerce. Now, new simple, effective app technologies such as Replika Software and others, are facilitating the development of the fourth channel, a network of devoted brand customers who become local influencers and sell directly to friends and family through apps that connect to the brand’s website. This approach, within ethical boundaries, is far more personal and effective than using celebrity influencers who are being perceived more, and more, like mercenaries, who buy fake followers, and are not true brand users or advocates. Look for this consumer-to-consumer channel to emerge rapidly in several luxury goods and services categories in 2019.

Former Neiman's Executive And Media Entrepreneur Develop A Next-Generation Software To Drive Online Sales For The Ailing Retail Sector

"Moving the expertise of a salesperson closer to the new point of inspiration and purchase in a data-driven world is essential for a brand to avoid being commoditized.  Salespeople have been demanding attribution for sales they can affect online. With Replika, brands can power them up to become digital entrepreneurs with their own turn-key business."