The Replika platform easily integrates with a brand's e-commerce site, allowing associates to build customized carts with unique and trackable links. The platform is always in sync with the brand's site and accessible through mobile & desktop devices.

  • Replika integrates with brands existing IT infrastructures (e-commerce, online inventory, media & asset...)
  • Secure architecture
  • Seamless installation & updates
  • Secure access to network
  • Scalable architecture
  • Individual tracking system
  • Access of customer data in real time
  • Responsive design and mobile app
  • User friendly interface
  • GDPR compliant
Chat-Desktop (1).png


A chat button placed on the brand's website allows consumers to chat with a well trained associate in real time. Store associates can be assigned to the chat automatically based on their location relative to the consumer or based on the search criteria of the user.  Custom curations can be shared directly with the consumer and are all trackable. The consumer can shop the items curated for them or anything else on the site and the sales associate is connected to the items purchased.


When a consumer clicks on a link curated from a sales associate using Replika, they are immediately sent to the brand's page where they can purchase the first product in the cart. On the landing page, they are greeted with an overlay containing the other items in the curation along with a picture of the sales associate and an offer to chat directly with them. One click to purchase or one click to chat with your sales associate so you can shop directly with them...that's the human connection!

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Introducing INSTALINK!  Replika's trackable, shopable links on Instagram.


  • Replika’s Instalink is the first platform to allow social sellers to organically post clickable, trackable links on any Instagram post. 
  • Replika's Instalinks go immediately to the brand page for purchase.
  • ANY purchase made on the site after the consumer clicks on the Intalink is attributable to the influencer who created it, regardless if the item was in the original curation or not.
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If you have ever shopped online or created a Pinterest Board, you can easily curate a custom cart with a single trackable url. for social media posts or one-to-one communications with clients. When the consumer clicks on the link, they are sent to the site where they can make a purchase and sales associates can earn commissions.

contact management TOOL

Sales associates now have a "360 degree view" of their customer on their mobile device. The information is aggregated and made available to them with a push of a button.

  • Track consumer journey from prospect to customers
  • Personal information (birthdays, anniversaries etc.) reminders
  • Key word preferences
  • Past purchase information

Personalized Communication Combined copy.png

personalized communication suite

Reach customers where they are by using the comprehensive communication suite, empowering two way communications through emails, text, social media widgets and a secure chat feature to share recommended carts and aspirational branded content. All content comes from the brand's web site or you can simply upload your own pictures or video for that extra personal touch!