The Replika Solution gives brands the tools they need in the digital world to "replikate" the personalized service consumers desire and sales associates need to connect, sell and earn commission online, 24/7


for retailers and brands

Your Brand | Your Story | Your People | Your Website | Your Marketing

In a digital world, store traffic is down, the human connection is diminishing and brands are in danger of being commoditized. 

Replika Software provides brands and retailers a real solution for salespeople and influencers to generate desire, drive sales and receive attribution for their successful efforts. Salespeople can sell the entire online assortment through social media, SMS, email and more! 

. Brands have instant access to a network of websites directly connected to each salesperson. Brands no longer have to rely on driving traffic to just one online destination

. Brands receive a full sales management suite to monitor sales activities, measure impact, share content directly with the sales force, and even advertise directly to their salespeople's network.

. Replika is easy to get started! Requires little integration and no on-going maintenance.

for sales associates

Your Social Page | Your Curation | Your Network | Your Turn-Key Business | Your Commission for Online Sales

Replika is a next-generation social selling tool allowing sales associates to sell anytime, anywhere and receive commission for online sales! 

Replika aggregates all the brand’s products and marketing content into an interactive management app. making it easy for salespeople to curate outfits, generate social media posts, message customers directly or post on their own newly created web site and/or their own business Facebook page. 

Salespeople will now have access to all brand marketing materials through the Replika Interactive calendar.



for influencers/brand ambassadors

Your Favorite Brand | Your Network | The simple solution to connect sales to your reach

Replika can help you identify, activate, and engage existing fans and followers and turn them into true Brand Ambassadors. 

In a just a few minutes, a brand ambassador can download a turn-key business with the entire brand online assortment along with access to an entire suite of tools to promote products to their friends and followers while tracking and monitoring their sales and reach.


for the consumers

People they trust | Personalized online interaction | Same in-store experience with the ease of online shopping

Replika is a “white labeled” service for the brand to enhance the consumer experience. 

The consumer can now receive a personalized online shopping experience and customer service via a chat feature, connecting them directly to a salesperson.

The brand takes center stage! Consumers DO NOT need to download anything! All communications from their salespeople are through normal communications channels such as text, email, social media postings.

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